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5K1452 1U1588 7J9600 Excavator Bucket Teeth Pins For 6030 988K

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: 6030, 988K
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: 5~99 USD / PC
Packaging Details: standard export carton
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Features: Anti Rust, Anti Erosion Product Name: Side Bucket Teeth Pins For Excavator And Loader Of
Appliion: Construction, Quarry, Mining Type: Side
Color: Golden, Silver, Black Material: 40Cr
Hardness: HB 280-320 Processing Type: Forged
High Light:

Bucket Teeth Pins 5K1452


40Cr excavator bucket teeth pins


7J9600 Excavator Bucket Teeth Pin

Product Description

Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of 6030, 988K


A&S Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of 6030, 988K are designed for high output in all appliions and are available in heavy and extra heavy duty versions to suit different and harsh mining working conditions, in dry and Under wet conditions, metallic minerals such as gold, silver, copper, and zinc can be obtained; non-metallic minerals such as coal, gypsum, clay, etc. can be obtained.


Features of A&S Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of 6030, 988K

  • 100% fitment to the tooth and adapter

  • Easy replacement to be safe and shorten downtime

  • Customization available for extreme working conditions

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8E6208 132-0999 6020B 950M MILLYARD
6Y3228 5K1452 6030 950 GC
1324762 1U1588 6030 FS 962L
9J2258 7J9600 6030 962M
8E6258 1274-5103 6030 FS 966M
1324763 7T2479 6040 966M XE
9J2308 4406318 6040 FS 962M MILLYARD
1073308 113-4708 6040 972M
1324766 201-1239 6040 FS 972M XE
9J2358 133-0738 6050 980M
3G9549 3K5234 6050 FS 982M
8E6358 1495733 6060 AC 986H
1140358 6Y9459 6060 AC FS 986K
7T3408 VT9J2308 6060 988K
1167408 VT8E6259 6060 FS 988K XE
8E0468 8T5559 6090 FS 990K
1140468 8E8559 6020B OEM 994K
1U1558 8E4708 6020B OEM 320
6Y8558 9W9026 6030 OEM 320 GC
8E5559 9W8296 6030 OEM 320 B-FMLY
1073378 9W1821 6040 OEM 320 C-FMLY
6I6608 9J9600 6040 OEM 320 L B-FMLY
1139608 9J9308 5080 320 L C-FMLY
4T4708 9J8442 5080 320 L ME
9U9616 9J6583 5080 MH 320 LR
1134708 8J1433 5090B 320 ME
1020101 8E8469 5110B 320 N
1341808 8E8409 5110B L 320 N ME
1368308 8E6469 5130B 320B B-FMLY
9W2668 8E6359 5130B 320B C-FMLY
1368308 8E6259 5230 320B L B-FMLY
9W2678 8E6209 5230 ME 320B L C-FMLY
1386450 8E6028 5230B 320B L ME
6Y3394 8E4743 5230B 320B L SLR
1386508 8E2230 320B ME 325 B-FMLY
6Y1204 8E0469 320B N 325 C-FMLY
6Y3909 7T3409 320C 325 D-FMLY
1590558 7K9535 320C L 325 L B-FMLY
9N4245 6Y2527 320C L UTILITY 325 L C-FMLY
8E2229 6Y1205 320C MH 325 L D-FMLY
350 F-FMLY 6Y1202 320C UTILITY 325 L ME
350 G-FMLY 6J8811 320D 325 ME
350 L F-FMLY 6I9609 320D L 325B C-FMLY
350 L G-FMLY 6I6609 320D L MASS 325B L C-FMLY
350 L ME 9F5116 320D LRR 325B L ME
350 ME 5K1458 321B LCR 325B LN
352F 5K1426 321C LCR 325B ME
352F OEM 5K1425 324D 325C
365B L 4T4707 324D L 325C L
365B L ME 4T2479 324D L MASS 325C LCR
365B L V-FMLY 4T1458 325F L 325D
365C L 4T0001 322 L ME 330D MH
365C L ME 4K0043 322 ME 330D2 L OEM
365C UHD 4K0041 322 S-FMLY 335F OEM
374F L 4K0033 322B B-FMLY 335F L
374F OEM 4K0032 322B D-FMLY 336
375 H-FMLY 4K0008 322B L B-FMLY 336 GC
375 J-FMLY 4K0006 322B L D-FMLY 336F L
375 L H-FMLY 3G9609 322B L ME 336D2 OEM
375 L J-FMLY 3G9559 322B L S-FMLY 336F OEM
375 L ME 3G9459 322B L SLR 345B L F-FMLY
375 ME 3G0500 322B LN 345B L ME
385B 2011238 322B ME 345B LII
385B L 1U4208 322B S-FMLY 345B LII UHD
385B L MASS 1U2405 322C 345C L
385B L REACH 1U0990 322C L 345C MH
385B MASS 1U0739 323 345C UHD
385B REACH 149-5733 323F OEM 345D L
385C 136-8308 325D L 349F L
385C L 1341809 325D L MASS 349F OEM
321D LCR 330 GC 325D MH 330B ME
322 B-FMLY 330F L 326F L 330C L
322 D-FMLY 330 C-FMLY 326F L OEM 330C MH
322 L B-FMLY 328D LCR 330D 330 L C-FMLY
330 330 D-FMLY 330 L ME 330 L D-FMLY
330F OEM 330 E-FMLY 330 ME 330 L E-FMLY


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