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Komatsu PC1250 WA900 Excavator Bucket Teeth Pins 419-70-13163 423-70-13114 423-70-13154

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: PC1250, WA900
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: 5~99 USD / PC
Packaging Details: standard export carton
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Side Bucket Teeth Pins For Excavator And Loader Of Komatsu Appliion: Construction, Quarry, Mining
Type: Side Color: Golden, Silver, Black
Material: 40Cr Hardness: HB 290-330
Processing Type: Forged
High Light:

419-70-13163 excavator bucket teeth pins





Product Description

Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of Komatsu PC1250, WA900


A&S Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of Komatsu PC1250, WA900 are specially designed to achieve high output in all appliions, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions to suit different and harsh mining working conditions, dry and wet where metallic minerals such as gold, silver, copper, zinc can be obtained; non-metallic minerals such as coal, plaster, clay, among others.


Features of A&S Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of Komatsu PC1250, WA900

  • 100% fitment to the tooth and adapter

  • Easy replacement to be safe and shorten downtime

  • Customization available for extreme working conditions

Popular Items for Side Bucket Teeth Pins for Excavator and Loader of Komatsu PC1250, WA900 and more Komatsu machines


PC1000-1 WA100 419-70-13164
PC1000-1 WA100-1 419-70-13174
PC1000-1 LC WA100-3 202-70-12130
PC1000-1 LC WA100-5 M 419-70-13114
PC1000-1 SE WA1200 419-70-13113
PC100-3 WA1200-3 419-70-13160
PC100-6 WA1200-3 HL 419-70-13170
PC1100-6 WA1200-6 419-847-1111
PC1100-6 WA120-1 419-847-1131
PC1100-6 LC WA120-3 419-847-1121
PC1250-7 WA120-3 L 419-70-13163
PC1250-7 WA150-1 423-70-13114
PC1250-7 LC WA150-5 423-70-13144
PC1250-8 WA180-1 423-70-13154
PC1250-8 WA180-3 423-847-1140
PC1250-8 LC WA180-3 PT 423-847-1211
PC1400 WA200-1 423-847-1111
PC1400 WA200-3 423-70-13113
PC1500-1 WA200-5 426-847-1110
PC1500-1 WA200-5 PT 423-847-1131
PC1600-1 WA200-6 423-847-1121
PC1600-1 WA200-7 427-70-13731
PC1800-6 WA200-8 427-70-13941
PC1800-6 WA400-1 419-71-H2310
PC2000 WA400-5 XS115PC
PC2000-8 WA420-1 XS115PX
PC2000-8 WA420-3 XS145PC
PC3000 WA420-3 MC XS145PX
PC3000 WA430-6 XS20P
PC3000-6 WA450-1 XS30P
PC4000 WA450-2 XS40P
PC4000 WA450-3 XS50P
PC4000 WA450-3 MH XS70P
PC4000-6 WA450-5 XS85PC
PC4000-11 WA450-6 XS85PX
PC5500 WA470-1 427-70-13891
PC5500 WA470-3 PC60
PC5500-6 WA470-3H 20X-70-00100
PC600-6 WA470-3 MAG 09244-02489
PC600-6 LC WA470-5 09244-02496
PC600-7 LC WA470-7 09244-02516
PC600-7 SE WA470-8 09244-03036
PC600LC-8R WA480-5 209-70-54240
PC600-8 LC WA480-6 21N-72-14330
PC650-1 WA480-8 113-78-21170
PC650-3 WA500 21N-939-3330
PC650-3 LC WA500-1 09244-02496
PC650-5 WA500-3 175-78-21740
PC650-5 WA500-6 09244-02508
PC650-5 LC WA500-7 195-78-71360
PC650-5 SE WA500-7 09244-03036
PC650LC-11 WA500-8 198-78-21340
PC700LC WA600-1 426-847-1130
PC7000-6 WA600-3 427-70-13770
PC360-5 WA320-7 PC750-6
PC360-C LC WA320-8 PC750-6
HB365LC-3 WA350-1 PC750-6 LC
PC380-6 LC WA380 PC750-6 SE
PC390LC-11 WA380-1 PC750-7 LC
PC390LCi-11 WA380-3 PC8000
PC390LC-10 SLF WA380-3 MC PC8000
PC400LCSE-8R WA380-5 PC8000-6
PC400-3 WA380-6 PC800-8 LC
PC400-3 LC WA380-7 PC800-8 LCMH
PC340-6 WA380-8 PC800-8R
PC400-5 WA390-1 PC800LC-8
PC400-5 HD WA700-1 PC1250-8
PC400-5 LC WA700-3 PC1250-8R
PC400-6 WA800-1 PC1250LC-8
PC400-6 HD WA800-2 PC1250LC-8 MH
PC340-6 LC WA800-3 WA250-1
PC340-6 NLC WA899-3 WA250-3
PC350-6 WA600-6 WA250-3 PT
PC350LC-7 WA600-6 WA250-5
PC350LC-8M0 WA600-8 WA250-5 PT
PC360LC-10 SLF WA900 WA250-6
PC360LC-11 WA900-1 WA250-6 PZ
PC360LCi-11 WA200-6 PZ WA270-3
WA320-3 MC WA320-1 WA270-7
WA320-5 WA320-3 WA270-8
WA320-6 WA300-3 WA300-1

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LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth Pin
Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank Pin
KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank Pin
ESCO Bucket Tooth Pin
MTG Bucket Tooth Pin



Komatsu PC1250 WA900 Excavator Bucket Teeth Pins 419-70-13163 423-70-13114 423-70-13154 0

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