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Casting Excavator Tooth Adapter 20Y-939-1180 20Y-70-14520 20Y-939-2211

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: PC1250, WA900
Minimum Order Quantity: 20
Price: 99-599 USD
Packaging Details: standard export plywood case
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Bucket Teeth Adapters For Construction And Mining Excavator And Loader Komatsu Machine: Excavator, Loader, Shovel
Material: Alloy Type: Heavy Duty
Hardness: HB 460-520 Feature: For Komatsu
Size: Medium And Large Processing Type: Casting
Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Or Customized HS Code: 8431499900
High Light:

Excavator Tooth Adapter





Product Description

Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator and Loader Komatsu PC1250, WA900


A&S heavy duty excavator bucket teeth for construction and mining Komatsu PC1250, WA900 are specially designed to achieve high output in all appliions, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions for different and harsh construction and mining working conditions, like gold, silver, copper, zinc can be obtained; non-metallic minerals such as coal, plaster, clay, among others.


Features of A&S Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator and Loader Komatsu PC1250, WA900

  • Superior designs
  • Excellent wear-resistant materials
  • Different kinds of bucket teeth adapter available for selection
  • Fit for all appliions
  • Best choice for value


Popular Items for Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator Komatsu PC1250, WA900 and more Komatsu machines


PC1000-1 WA100 201-70-24130
PC1000-1 WA100-1 20X-70-14151
PC1000-1 LC WA100-3 202-70-12140
PC1000-1 LC WA100-5 M 205-939-7120
PC1000-1 SE WA1200 205-939-7120
PC100-3 WA1200-3 205-939-7120(30mm)
PC100-6 WA1200-3 HL 205-939-7120
PC1100-6 WA1200-6 205-939-7120(35mm)
PC1100-6 WA120-1 205-939-7120(40mm)
PC1100-6 LC WA120-3 205-939-7120(45mm)
PC1250-7 WA120-3 L 20Y-70-14520
PC1250-7 WA150-1 20Y-939-1180
PC1250-7 LC WA150-5 20Y-939-2211
PC1250-8 WA180-1 205-70-68141/68140
PC1250-8 WA180-3 207-70-14142(40mm)
PC1250-8 LC WA180-3 PT 207-939-3120(40mm)
PC1400 WA200-1 206-939-3120(45mm)
PC1400 WA200-3 207-939-5120
PC1500-1 WA200-5 207-939-3120(50mm)
PC1500-1 WA200-5 PT 207-934-5120(55mm)
PC1600-1 WA200-6 208-70-34150(40mm)
PC1600-1 WA200-7 208-939-3120(45mm)
PC1800-6 WA200-8 208-934-7120
PC1800-6 WA400-1 208-939-3120(50mm)
PC2000 WA400-5 208-939-3120
PC2000-8 WA420-1 208-934-7120
PC2000-8 WA420-3 208-934-7120(55mm)
PC3000 WA420-3 MC 208-939-5120
PC3000 WA430-6 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC3000-6 WA450-1 208-939-5120(60mm)
PC4000 WA450-2 207-939-7181
PC4000 WA450-3 208-934-7180
PC4000 WA450-3 MH PC500 (65mm)
PC4000-6 WA450-5 209-70-74140
PC4000-11 WA450-6 21N-70-14140(90mm)
PC5500 WA470-1 PC1250EG51
PC5500 WA470-3 9U9634
PC5500-6 WA470-3H 1U3630
PC600-6 WA470-3 MAG 419-847-1111
PC600-6 LC WA470-5 423-847-1211
PC600-7 LC WA470-7 423-847-1111
PC600-7 SE WA470-8 208-70-14152
PC600LC-8R WA480-5 208-70-14152
PC600-8 LC WA480-6 208-70-14270
PC650-1 WA480-8 208-70-14152
PC650-3 WA500 208-70-14152RC
PC650-3 LC WA500-1 208-70-14152RC
PC650-5 WA500-3 208-70-14152RC
PC650-5 WA500-6 208-70-14152RC
PC650-5 LC WA500-7 208-70-14152 KRC
PC650-5 SE WA500-7 208-70-14152TL
PC650LC-11 WA500-8 208-70-14152TL
PC700LC WA600-1 209-70-54210RC
PC7000-6 WA600-3 21N-72-14290 RC
PC360-5 WA320-7 PC750-6
PC360-C LC WA320-8 PC750-6
HB365LC-3 WA350-1 PC750-6 LC
PC380-6 LC WA380 PC750-6 SE
PC390LC-11 WA380-1 PC750-7 LC
PC390LCi-11 WA380-3 PC8000
PC390LC-10 SLF WA380-3 MC PC8000
PC400LCSE-8R WA380-5 PC8000-6
PC400-3 WA380-6 PC800-8 LC
PC400-3 LC WA380-7 PC800-8 LCMH
PC340-6 WA380-8 PC800-8R
PC400-5 WA390-1 PC800LC-8
PC400-5 HD WA700-1 PC1250-8
PC400-5 LC WA700-3 PC1250-8R
PC400-6 WA800-1 PC1250LC-8
PC400-6 HD WA800-2 PC1250LC-8 MH
PC340-6 LC WA800-3 WA250-1
PC340-6 NLC WA899-3 WA250-3
PC350-6 WA600-6 WA250-3 PT
PC350LC-7 WA600-6 WA250-5
PC350LC-8M0 WA600-8 WA250-5 PT
PC360LC-10 SLF WA900 WA250-6
PC360LC-11 WA900-1 WA250-6 PZ
PC360LCi-11 WA200-6 PZ WA270-3
WA320-3 MC WA320-1 WA270-7
WA320-5 WA320-3 WA270-8
WA320-6 WA300-3 WA300-1


Bucket Teeth Adapters Available at A&S

Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
KOMATSU Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
KOMATSU Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
HITACHI Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
JCB Excavator Bucket Tooth & Side Cutters Adapter
KOBELCO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
HYUNDAI Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
TEREX Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
VOLVO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
VOLVO Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
LIEBHERR Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
BUCYRUS Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth Adapter
P&H Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth Adapter
DOOSAN Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
DOOSAN/DAEWOO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SANY Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SDLG Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SDLG Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank
KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank
ESCO Bucket Tooth Adapter
MTG Bucket Tooth Adapter



Casting Excavator Tooth Adapter 20Y-939-1180 20Y-70-14520 20Y-939-2211 0

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