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349F 988K Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapters ISO 9W-9704 4T-4706

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: 349F, 988K
Minimum Order Quantity: 20
Price: 99-599 USD
Packaging Details: standard export plywood case
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Bucket Teeth Adapters For Construction And Mining Excavator And Loader Machine: Excavator, Loader, Shovel
Material: Alloy Type: Heavy Duty
Hardness: HB 460-520 Feature: For
Size: Medium And Large Processing Type: Casting
Color: Green, Yellow, Red, Or Customized HS Code: 8431499900
High Light:

349F excavator bucket teeth adapter


Bucket Teeth Adapters ISO


988K j series bucket teeth

Product Description

Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator and Loader 349F, 988K


A&S Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Teeth 349F, 988K for Construction and Mining are specially designed for high production in all appliions and are available in heavy and extra heavy duty versions for different and demanding construction and mining working conditions, Such as gold, silver, copper, zinc; non-metallic minerals such as coal, gypsum, clay, etc.


Features of A&S Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator and Loader 349F, 988K

  • Superior designs
  • Excellent wear-resistant materials
  • Different kinds of bucket teeth adapter available for selection
  • Fit for all appliions
  • Best choice for value


Popular Items for Heavy Duty Bucket Teeth Adapters for Construction and Mining Excavator 349F, 988K and more machines


119-3204(22mm) 350 F-FMLY 325B L ME 103-8114
119-3204(25mm) 350 G-FMLY 325B LN 8E8418
6Y3224 350 L F-FMLY 325B ME E325-50
6Y3254(27mm) 350 L G-FMLY 325C 201-1234
6Y3254HD/119-3253(32mm) 350 L ME 325C L 4T-8454
8E9490/3G6304HD 350 ME 325C LCR 4T-8455
3G6304-35 352F 325D 4T-8456
3G8354-8J4310 352F OEM 330D MH 8E-3464
8E6464(55mm) 365B L 330D2 L OEM 8E-3465
8E6464(60mm) 365B L ME 335F OEM 8E-3466
119-3204 365B L V-FMLY 335F L 8E-2164
6i6354(40mm) 365C L 336 8E-2165
6i6354(45mm) 365C L ME 336 GC 8E-2166
6i6404/7T3404(45mm) 365C UHD 336F L 3G-9494
6i6404/7T3404(50mm) 374F L 336D2 OEM 3G-9495
6i6464(50mm) 374F OEM 336F OEM 3G-9496
6i6464(55mm) 375 H-FMLY 345B L F-FMLY 4T-7554
6i6554(60mm) 375 J-FMLY 345B L ME 4T-7555
6i6604(75mm) 375 L H-FMLY 345B LII 4T-7556
6I6355(40mm) 375 L J-FMLY 345B LII UHD 6I-8604
6I6356(40mm) 375 L ME 345C L 6I-8605
159-0465(55mm) 375 ME 345C MH 6I-8606
159-0466(55mm) 385B 345C UHD 4T-4704
6I6555(60mm) 385B L 345D L 4T-4705
6I6556(60mm) 385B L MASS 349F L 4T-4706
3G8355(40mm) 385B L REACH 349F OEM 9W-9704
3G8356(40mm) 385B MASS 330B ME 9W-9705
6i6405/7T3405(45mm) 385B REACH 330C L 9W-9706
6i6406/7T3406(45mm) 385C 330C MH 100-7416
9W1304(30mm) 385C L 330 L C-FMLY 6I-8804
1U1553(60mm) 321D LCR 330 L D-FMLY 135-9354
133-0704/4T4704(90mm) 322 B-FMLY 330 L E-FMLY 135-9355
133-0704/4T4704(100mm) 322 D-FMLY 950M 135-9356
E307-25 322 L B-FMLY 950M MILLYARD 113-0354
E312-30 330 950 GC 113-0355
E200-35 330F OEM 962L 113-0356
E320-40 320B ME 962M 125-8404
E325-45 320B N 966M 125-8405
E330-50 320C 966M XE 125-8406
E330-55 320C L 962M MILLYARD 114-0464
E330-60 320C L UTILITY 972M 114-0465
E345-60 320C MH 972M XE 114-0466
E345-70 320C UTILITY 980M 107-3554
4T1204 320D 982M 107-3555
1U1254-9J4254 320D L 986H 107-3556
1U1304-9J4304 320D L MASS 986K 138-6554
1U1354-9J2354 320D LRR 988K 138-6555
8E0464-7T8454 321B LCR 988K XE 138-6556
1U-1254 321C LCR 990K 119-8604
1U-1304 324D 994K 119-8605
1U-1354 324D L 6015B 119-8606
1U-1355 324D L MASS 6020B 143-3115
1U-1356 325F L 6030 143-3116
107-3404 322 L ME 6030 FS 143-3117
8E-0464 322 ME 6030 133-0704
8E-0465 322 S-FMLY 6030 FS 133-0705
8E-0466 322B B-FMLY 6040 133-0706
3G-4554 322B D-FMLY 6040 FS 100-7416
3G-4555 322B L B-FMLY 6040 133-0704
3G-4556 322B L D-FMLY 6040 FS 133-0705
4T-8456 322B L ME 6050 133-0706
7J-9555 322B L S-FMLY 6050 FS 171-1704
7J-9556 322B L SLR 6060 AC 171-1705
8J7525 322B LN 6060 AC FS 171-1706
3G0169 322B ME 6060 6I-8804
9J8929 322B S-FMLY 6060 FS 125-8407
1U1350 322C 6090 FS 125-8408
1U-1352 322C L 6020B OEM 125-8409
1U-1351 323 6020B OEM 116-7464
8E-5466 323F OEM 6030 OEM 116-7465
8E-5464 325D L 6030 OEM 116-7466
8E-5465 325D L MASS 6040 OEM 112-2554
9J-3664 325D MH 6040 OEM 112-2555
9J-3662 326F L 5080 112-2556
9J-3663 326F L OEM 5080 159-0554
3G-7357 330D 5080 MH 159-0555
9J4207(20mm) 330 L ME 5090B 159-0556
8E2184(20mm) 330 ME 5110B 119-8604
1U0257(25mm) 330 GC 5110B L 119-8605
1U0307(25mm) 330F L 5130B 119-8606
4T4307(30mm) 330 C-FMLY 5130B 186-5384
3G9307(35mm) 328D LCR 5230 186-5385
3G4307(30mm) 330 D-FMLY 5230 ME 186-5386
3G3357(35mm) 330 E-FMLY 5230B 133-0707
1U1357(45mm) 8E5308(25-32mm) 5230B 133-0708
6Y-6227 8E5309 320 133-0709
3G-5307 8E5358 320 GC 187-2113
170-0073 8E5359 320 B-FMLY 187-2114
3G-2357 6I-8244 320 C-FMLY 187-2115
3G-1357 6I-8243 320 L B-FMLY 168-1204
6I-9898 6I-8298 320 L C-FMLY 195-9204
8E-2467 6I-8299 320 L ME 201-1235
8E-3467 3T1218(35mm) 320 LR 201-1234
3G5307(30mm) 3T1220 (40mm) 320 ME 8E-8418
3G1357(45mm) 1U1878(30mm) 320 N 103-8115
3G2357(45mm) 1U1879(30mm) 320 N ME 1U-3630
1U2208 1U1888 (35mm) 320B B-FMLY 104-9279
IU2209 1U1889 (35mm) 320B C-FMLY 9U-9694
3G4258 9U9694 320B L B-FMLY 107-3361
3G4259 1U3630 320B L C-FMLY 103-8114
3G4308 222-1087 320B L ME 6Y-3224
3G4309 222-1088 320B L SLR 119-3253
3G8308 222-1089 325 B-FMLY 229-7086
3G8309 2J-5997 325 C-FMLY 220-9094
3G5358 6V-6535 325 D-FMLY 220-9095
3G5359 8T-9079 325 L B-FMLY 220-9086
1U1358 5P-8136 325 L C-FMLY 220-9084
1U1359 5P-8361 325 L D-FMLY 220-9085
6Y-6228 5P-8362 325 L ME 229-7085
6Y-6229 223-8107 325 ME 223-8096
8E-2469 223-8108 325B C-FMLY 223-8095
8E-2468 223-8109 325B L C-FMLY 220-9096
8E-3469 3K-9770 264-2136 220-9104
8E-3468 315-0117 264-2135 220-9105
6I9250 4F-4042 232-0132 220-9106
6I9251 4J-9058 232-0131 232-2106
6I-9251 8J-2928 195-9154 232-0105
315-0118 8J-2933 264-2156 232-0114
315-0119 1U-0257 264-2155 232-0115
198-1092 6I-9250 195-9155 232-0116
264-2175 264-2176 195-9156 264-2116
2J-3507 232-0130 232-2170 264-2115



Bucket Teeth Adapters Available at A&S

Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
KOMATSU Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
KOMATSU Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
HITACHI Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
JCB Excavator Bucket Tooth & Side Cutters Adapter
KOBELCO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
HYUNDAI Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
TEREX Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
VOLVO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
VOLVO Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
LIEBHERR Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
BUCYRUS Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth Adapter
P&H Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth Adapter
DOOSAN Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
DOOSAN/DAEWOO Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SANY Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SDLG Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
SDLG Loader Bucket Tooth Adapter
LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth Adapter
Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank
KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth & Shank
ESCO Bucket Tooth Adapter
MTG Bucket Tooth Adapter



349F 988K Excavator  Bucket Teeth Adapters ISO 9W-9704 4T-4706 0

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