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Loader Dozer Cutting Edges For Komatsu D31A 270HB 300HB

Basic Information
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100000PCS/Year
Detail Information
Model NO.: D31A-16, D31A-17, D31A-20 Type: Cutting Edges
Appliion: Bulldozer Condition: New
Availability: 10-15days Trademark: A&S
Specifiion: Standard Or As Requested Origin: China
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet
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D31A Dozer Cutting Edges


Komatsu Dozer Cutting Edges


300HB loader cutting edge

Product Description

Blades for Komatsu D31A Bulldozers

Basic Info.

Model NO.
D31A-16, D31A-17, D31A-20
Cutting Edges
standard or as requested

Product Description

Blades/Cutting Edges for the following KOMATSU D31A Bulldozers are offered here.


Blade/Cutting Edge Types available for KOMATSU D31A Bulldozer
Weld-on type
Bolt-on type
Standard type
Improved type
Customized type

Features of Blade/Cutting Edge Types available for KOMATSU D31A Bulldozer

Cutting edges/blades/end bits for KOMATSU D31A bulldozers are made from HARDOX plate or other high quality wear plates with refined casting and hardening technology.

The wear life of our cutting edges/blades/end bits, is about 2-3 times longer compared to the common ones, so the down-time of the machines will be highly reduced and much maintainence cost will be saved and finally the efficiency of your bulldozers will be increased.

Blades/cutting edges for Komatsu and SHANTUI bulldozers are also supplied here.

Any further interest in our blades/cutting edges/end bits for KOMATSU D31A bulldozers, please contact for more.
Typical Technical Specifiions of A&S Blades for Bulldozers
1. Chemical Components: Carbon(0.81) Silicon(0.23) Manganese(0.62) Phosphorus(0.019) Sulfur(0.031)  Chrome(0.009) Molybdenum(0.005) Nickel(0.004) Copper(0.084) Tin(0.03) 
2. Hardness: surface270-300HB, center275HB
3. Tensile strength: 100KGF/MM2
Note: those figures are just for your reference only, to get the specific figures for your requested blades, please contact our sales rep. . Thanks.

KOMATSU Bulldozer Cutting Edges/End Bits & Spare Parts:
D135A-1  D135A-2  D150A-1  D155A-1  D155A-2  D155A-3  D155A-5  D155A-5  D155A-6  D155AX-3 D155AX-5    D155AX-6  D20A-5  D20A-6  D20A-7  D20A-7-M  D20A-8  D20P-5  D20P-6  D20P-7A  D20Q-5 D20Q-6    D20S-5  D21A-6  D21A-7  D21A-7  D21A-8  D21E-6  D21P-5  D21P-6  D21P-7A  D21P-8  D21S-5    D275A-2  D275A-2  D275A-5  D275A-5D  D275AX-5  D275AX-5E0  D31A-16  D31A-17  D31A-20  D31E-20  D31EX-21  D31EX-21A  D31P-16  D31P-17  D31P-17A  D31P-17A  D31P-18  D31P-20  D31P-20A  D31PX-21A-M  D31S-16  D31S-17  D31S-18  D32E-1/P-1  D32E-1/P-1  D355A-3  D375A-1  D375A-2  D375A-3  D375A-3D  D375A-5  D375A-5D  D375A-5E0  D37E-5  D37EX-21  D37EX-21  D37EX-21A  D37EX-21A  D37P-5A  D37PX-21  D37PX-21  D37PX-21A  D38E-1/P-1  D39E-1/P-1  D39EX-21  D39EX-21A-M  D39PX-21  D39PX-21A-M  D41A-3  D41A-3  D41A-3  D41E-6  D41E-6  D41E-6K  D41E-6K  D41P-3  D41P-6  D41P-6K  D41P-6K  D41S-3  D455A-1  D45P-1  D475A-1  D475A-2  D475A-3  D475A-3  D475A-5  D50A-17  D50P-15  D53A-16  D53A-17  D53P-16  D53P-17  D53S-16  D53S-17  D575A-2  D575A-3  D57S-1  D58E-1  D58P-1  D58P-1B  D60P-11  D60P-12  D60P-6  D60P-8  D61E-12  D61E-12  D61EX-12  D61EX-15  D61EX-15E0-BW  D61PX-12  D61PX-12  D61PX-15  D61PX-15E0-BW  D63E-12  D63E-12  D65A-6  D65A-8  D65A-8  D65E-12  D65E-12    D65E-12  D65E-6  D65E-8  D65E-8  D65EX-12  D65EX-12  D65EX-15  D65EX-15  D65EX-15E0  D65P-8  D65PX-12  D65PX-15  D65PX-15  D65PX-15E0  D65S-6  D65WX-15  D65WX-15  D65WX-15E0  D65WX-15E0  D68ESS-12  D70-LE  D70LE-8  D75S-3  D75S-5  D80A-12  D80A-18  D80E-18  D80P-12  D80P-18  D85A-18  D85A-21  D85E-18  D85E-21  D85E-21  D85E-SS-2  D85ESS-2  D85EX-15  D85P-18  D85P-21  D85P-21  D85PX-15 ...

Full Range of Spare Parts Available for KOMATSU Bulldozers:
Wear parts (blades/cutting edges, end bits, side cutters, wear strips, ripper tooth, ripper tooth shanks, ripper assembly)
Undercarriage parts (track shoes, track chains, idlers, track rollers/lower rollers/bottom rollers, carrier rollers, driving sprocket, track link assy., bolt and nut, tension springs)
Transmission parts(travel motors, pins and bushings, gear boxes, travel reducers)
Hydraulic parts(engine overhaul repair kit, hydraulic pumps/main pump, water pump, control valves, solenoid valves, generators, alternators, turbochargers, starter motors, cylinders, filters, mufflers, radiators &  coolers)
Electrical parts(sensors, solenoid valves, alternators, control panels, switches, head lights)

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