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Hitachi EX1200 Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction Mining

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: EX1200
Minimum Order Quantity: 20
Price: 99 USD / PC
Packaging Details: standard export plywood case
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 150000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Hitachi Feature: For Hitachi
Appliion: Mining Material: Alloy
Type: Heavy Duty Hardness: More Than HB 300
Size: Large Processing Type: Casting
HS Code: 8431499900 Color: Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Or Customized
High Light:

Mining Bucket Lip Shroud


Construction Bucket Lip Shroud


Hitachi EX1200 Bucket Shroud

Product Description

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Hitachi EX1200


Without lip shrouds, the main cutting edge of the bucket is exposed to constant and abrasive wear. This may lead to excessive lip wear and shorten the lifetime of the bucket lip. A&S has different types of universal weld-on lip shrouds available for the bucket of the most popular construction and mining excavators.

A&S heavy duty excavator bucket lip shroud for construction and mining Hitachi EX1200 are specially designed to achieve high output in all appliions, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions for different and harsh construction and mining working conditions.



Features of A&S Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Hitachi EX1200

  • Available for mining and construction class Hitachi excavators
  • Shrouds for 30 mm bucket lips up to 140 mm bucket lips
  • With the hardness of at least 300 Brinell for excellent wear resistance
  • Several types of lip shrouds to match different appliions


Popular Items for Excavator Bucket Lip Shroud For Construction and Mining Hitachi EX1200 and more Hitachi excavators


EX450-5 LC EX1200 ESCTBC150X445-1
EX455-5 BEH EX1200-5 ESCTBC150X445-2L
EX455-5 LCH EX1200-5 ESCTBC150X445-2R
EX500-5 LC EX1200-5 BE ESCTBC160X430-1
EX550 EX1200-5D ESCTBC160X450-1
EX550 BE EX1200BE ESCTBC160X450-2L
EX550 LC EX1800-3 ESCTBC160X450-2R
EX550 LC BE EX1800-3 ESCTBC160X450-3
EX550 LCH EX1900 ESCTBC160X450-4L
EX5500 EX1900-5 ESCTBC160X450-4R
EX5500-6 EX1900-6 ESCTBC160X465-1
EX5500-5 EX1900-6 ESCTBC160X465-2L
EX550-5 EX1900E-6 ESCTBC160X465-2R
EX550-5 LC EX1900BE ESCTBC160X570-1L
EX550-5 LC BE EX2500 ESCTBC160X570-1R
EX550-5 ME EX2500 ESCTBC90X390-1A
EX550H EX2500-6 ESCTBC120X330-2RA
EX5600-6 EX2500-6 ESCTBC120X395-1
EX5600E-6 EX2500BE ESCTBC120X395-2L
EX600 LCH EX2600-6 ESCTBC120X395-2R
EX600-5 BE EX2600E-6 ESCTBC120X410-1
EX600-5 LCH EX330-5 ESCTBC120X410-2L
EX600-5 LCHM EX330-5 LC ESCTBC120X410-2R
EX600H EX3500 ESCTBC120X410-3L
EX600H-5H EX3500 ESCTBC120X410-3R
EX700 EX3500-3 ESCTBC120X420-1
EX700 EX3500-3 ESCTBC120X420-2L
EX700 BE EX3600 ESCTBC120X420-2R
EX700H EX3600 BE ESCTBC120X420-3
EX750-5 EX3600-5 BE ESCTBC120X420-4L
EX750-5 BE EX3600-6 ESCTBC120X420-4R
EX8000 EX3600-6 ESCTBC120X440-1B
EX8000-6 EX3600E-6 ESCTBC120X440-2LB
EX8000E-6 ESCTAC90X245-1A ESCTBC120X440-2RB
EX800H-5 ESCTAC90X245-2LA ESCTBC120X470-1A
EX800H-5 BE ESCTAC90X245-2RA ESCTBC120X535-3
ZX210 LC ESCTAC90X270-6L ESCTBC120X535-4L
ZX330 LC ESCTAC90X270-6R ESCTBC120X535-4R
ZX870-5G ESCTAC90X320-2 ESCTBC140X420-1A
EX1100 ESCTAC90X320-5 ESCTBC140X420-2LA
EX1100-3 ESCTAC90X320-6L ESCTBC140X420-2RA
EX1100-3 ESCTAC90X320-6R ESCTBC140X490-1B
EX1100-3 BE ESCTAC90X360-1 ESCTBC140X575-1LA
EX1100BE ESCTAC90X360-2L ESCTBC140X575-1RA
ESCTBC100X375-1L ESCTAC90X360-2R ESCTAW40X440-1A
ESCTBC100X375-1R ESCTAC90X390-1L ESCTAW40X560-1
ESCTBC100X375-2 ESCTAC90X390-1R ESCTAW50X505-1A
ESCTBC100X390-1A ESCTAC90X430-1L ESCTAW50X505-2
ESCTBC100X410-1B ESCTAC90X430-1R ESCTAW50X630-1A
ESCTBC100X425-2L ESCTAW120X760-1 ESCTBC100X290-4L
ESCTBC100X425-2R ESCTAW135-1 ESCTBC100X290-4R
ESCTBC100X430-1 ESCTBC100X445-4L ESCTBC120X330-2LA
ESCTBC100X430-2L ESCTBC100X445-4R ESCTBC100X555-1
ESCTBC100X430-2R ESCTBC100X445-3 ESCTBC120X330-1A


A&S Full G.E.T Product Range for Construction and Mining Hitachi EX1200


  • bucket/thumb/breaker/ripper
  • bucket tooth
  • tooth locking pin
  • tooth adapter
  • bucket lip
  • cutting edge / blade / end bit
  • side cutter / side protector / side bar protector
  • lip shroud / lip protector / segment / half-arrow
  • heel shroud
  • wear button
  • wear runner
  • wear base
  • wear block
  • wear bar



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