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330 Rock Mining Excavator Buckets For Construction Backhoe

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: 330
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 2999 USD
Packaging Details: pallet
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Bucket For Excavator Industry: Construction, Quarry, Mining
Equipment Type: Standard Rock Type: Backhoe
Size: Medium Material: Hardox Or Equivalent
Color: Yellow Or Customized Parts Included: Tooth, Adapter And Side Cutter, Lip Protector, Heel Shroud
High Light:

Backhoe Mining Excavator Buckets


Rock Mining Excavator Buckets


Excavator Buckets

Product Description

Standard Rock Bucket for Construction and Mining Excavator 330
A&S Standard Rock Bucket for Construction and Mining Excavator 330 are specially designed to achieve high output in all appliions, to dig, load, carry, level, dump and grade in a variety of appliions.
Features of A&S Standard Rock Bucket for Construction and Mining Excavator 330
  • Special design can prevent the bucket from twisting and bending
  • Bucket body is made of high-quality and thick Hardox or other premium plates
  • Lip protector and side cutter provide maximum wear resistance
  • Superior and more wearable bucket tooth system, with greater penetration and longer wear life in difffferent appliions


A&S Standard Rock Bucket for Construction and Mining Excavator are compatible with more excavators of as noted below.


350 F-FMLY 320
350 G-FMLY 320 GC
350 L F-FMLY 320 B-FMLY
350 L G-FMLY 320 C-FMLY
350 L ME 320 L B-FMLY
350 ME 320 L C-FMLY
352F 320 L ME
352F OEM 320 LR
365B L 320 ME
365B L ME 320 N
365B L V-FMLY 320 N ME
365C L 320B B-FMLY
365C L ME 320B C-FMLY
365C UHD 320B L B-FMLY
374F L 320B L C-FMLY
374F OEM 320B L ME
375 H-FMLY 320B L SLR
375 J-FMLY 320B ME
375 L H-FMLY 320B N
375 L J-FMLY 320C
375 L ME 320C L
385B 320C MH
385B L MASS 320D
385B L REACH 320D L
385C 321B LCR
385C L 321C LCR
321D LCR 324D
322 B-FMLY 324D L
322 D-FMLY 324D L MASS
322 L B-FMLY 325F L
322 L ME 325 B-FMLY
322 ME 325 C-FMLY
322 S-FMLY 325 D-FMLY
322B B-FMLY 325 L B-FMLY
322B D-FMLY 325 L C-FMLY
322B L B-FMLY 325 L D-FMLY
322B L D-FMLY 325 L ME
322B L ME 325 ME
322B L SLR 325B L C-FMLY
322B LN 325B L ME
322B ME 325B LN
322B S-FMLY 325B ME
322C 325C
322C L 325C L
323 325C LCR
323F OEM 325D
325D L 330D MH
325D L MASS 330D2 L OEM
325D MH 335F OEM
326F L 335F L
326F L OEM 336
328D LCR 336 GC
330 336F L
330F OEM 336D2 OEM
330 GC 336F OEM
330F L 345B L F-FMLY
330 C-FMLY 345B L ME
330 D-FMLY 345B LII
330 L C-FMLY 345C L
330 L D-FMLY 345C MH
330 L E-FMLY 345C UHD
330 L ME 345D L
330 ME 349F L
330B D-FMLY 349F OEM
330B L D-FMLY 330B ME
330B L ME 330C L
330B LN 330C MH
330D L 330D



A&S Full G.E.T Product Range for Construction and Mining Excavator  330 and many more  excavators

  • thumb/breaker/ripper/quick coupler
  • bucket tooth
  • tooth locking pin
  • tooth adapter
  • bucket lip
  • cutting edge / blade / end bit
  • side cutter / side protector / side bar protector
  • lip shroud / lip protector / segment / half-arrow
  • heel shroud
  • wear button
  • wear runner
  • wear base
  • wear block
  • wear bar

 330 Rock Mining Excavator Buckets For Construction Backhoe 0


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