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349F erpillar Replacement Bucket Teeth For Construction Mining

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: A&S
Model Number: 349F
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: 20 USD / PC
Packaging Details: standard export plywood case
Delivery Time: 20-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 150000 pcs per month
Detail Information
Product Name: Excavator Bucket Teeth For Material: Alloy
Type: Heavy Duty Appliion: Construction Or Mining
Feature: For Hardness: HB 480-530
Size: Medium Processing Type: Casting
HS Code: 8431499900 Color: Green, Yellow, Red, Or Customized
High Light:

replacement bucket teeth


349F Replacement Bucket Teeth


erpillar Bucket Teeth

Product Description

Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Teeth For Construction and Mining 349F

A&S heavy duty excavator bucket teeth for construction and mining 349F are specially designed to achieve high output in all appliions, and are available in heavy and super heavy versions for different and harsh construction and mining working conditions.



Features of A&S Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket Teeth For Construction and Mining 349F

  • 100% fit, no loss of tooth

  • Safe and simple locking system

  • Super penetration and wear resistance

  • Customization available for extreme working conditions

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1U3209 J400HDAL 1U-3209 1019055
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9W8452 1359700 8J-6207 1130559
9W8451 J700HDAL 1U-1868 1073550
9N4452 J800VX 1U-1869 J550TIGER
1019054 1359800 6Y-6223 J550TWIN
9W8459 J800HDAL 8E-4222 1590559
1167459 4K6936 6Y-3222 1386552
1073450 4K6936SXC 6Y-8229 J550HDAL
J450TIGER 4K6936TIGER 6Y-6221 J550RC
J450TWIN 4K0034SXC 8E-6259 6I6602
J450TTD 4K0034TIGER 149-5733 7Y0602
1590459 6Y0309 9W-8209 1078602
1386451 1681309 9W-8208 7I7609
J450HDAL 6Y0359 135-8208 1199609
J450RC 9W2452 109-9200 J600TIGER
9W8552 8E5770 6Y-7229 J600TWIN
9W8551 6Y3552 6Y-7228 1590607
331-3505 9W4551 186-3010 1359600
331-3508 9W4552 195-7202 J600HDAL
356-6428 4T5503 195-7205 J600RC
357-2712 6I-6602 195-7206 4T4702
445-2039 9W-8452 4T-4703 195-7209
331-3553 9W-8451 4T-2203 195-7207
421-5417 7T-3402 9W-8552 195-7210
195-7234 7T-3401 9W-8551 208-5232
6Y-5230 6I-6601 356-6430 208-5236
143-3074 4T5501 380-1207 208-5235
195-7234 4T5502 445-2041 208-5239
232-0160 8E5772 331-3506 208-5237
132-4720 4T-4702 208-5240 J200TIGER


A&S Full G.E.T Product Range for Construction and Mining 349F

  • bucket/thumb/breaker/ripper
  • bucket tooth
  • tooth locking pin
  • tooth adapter
  • bucket lip
  • cutting edge / blade / end bit
  • side cutter / side protector / side bar protector
  • lip shroud / lip protector / segment / half-arrow
  • heel shroud
  • wear button
  • wear runner
  • wear base
  • wear block
  • wear bar



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